Circular Wall Shelves

For some time, I have been wanting to get a nice shelf unit to put over our platform bed, in lieu of a headboard. I had a notion for a circular, semi-spherical shelf for the wall.

I searched for a manufactured unit, and when that failed, searched for images. I found this unattributed image, and reverse-engineered the dimensions, using the CD cases in the image for sizing. I then created a 3D CAD model as a baseline model for adjustments.

The shelf in the photo is made of 3/8" plywood, and is about 43" across. I wanted a slightly more substantial material and size to fill the space over the head of the bed; scaling the entire model 4/3rds, made the material thickness 1/2", and about 57" across, just the size I wanted. That simple operation also made the shelves go from just under 6" to a over 8", making them more accommodating for general use.

I have made the center rows and columns slightly larger, and reducing the shelf size of the tapered ends in the process. I also adjusted the stock thickness to 3/4", which gives the unit a more assertive look. Renders rarely do a finished product justice, but here it is:

Because of the modeling process I am using, the edges of all the shelves match the spherical contour. I would like to keep that feature, but crafting such cuts without the benefit of a good band saw and patient sanding will be problematic. I don't know what I would do if I had to buy a good band-saw!

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