Ultima Online, again

The interior of the Pyramid was only three stories high... the forth was used to create the illusion of three or four more stories on top of the actual living space.
The first floor was the working space, with crafting equipment for blacksmithing and tailoring, the two main professions in UO. There was also a mock stable with a stable hand, and in the kitchen, there was a cook. You could purchase NPC's and give them things to say in response to keywords spoken in their presence... the cook and the stable hand were that sort of NPC.

This was an early shot of the second floor... the dining room and seating area remainded the same, but the rest of the area was eventually filled out with more homey appointments as well. In UO, there was no global Auction House system, but you could place personal vendors in your home to sell your stuff at prices you set. The suit of armor was one such vendor. I always sold reasonably nice stuff I looted off my victims or stole at rock bottom prices to the benefit of my friends (who were the only ones who would visit my god-forsaken corner of nowhere).

The third floor was largely decorative and went thru many itterations. The entire floor eventually became a library designed to show off my collection of system generated and player-authored books, as well as a lot of the curiosities I had accumulated.

The one element of the third floor that always remained the same was this garden terraced room... the glowing orbs made the room a very nice space to be in at night. The Pentagram in the center concealed a teleport-pad that would send people to the 'top' of the forth floor.


Heir's Folly- the doodle

Most of my larger works started as a doodle in the CoT. Heir's Folly was no exception: