The Super Collider, Arcane Edition

Lots of buzz about super colliders lately; I live in a world of steam-punk and fantasy imagery though, so my first thought as I saw a recent news report was how mystifying to future civilizations these constructs may be.  Large circular tunnels, filled with arcane equipment.  If such a civilization does not appreciate our technology (either by assuming us too primitive to having advanced laterally in a way that makes this technology meaningless) then this tunnel will be a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and so on.

So in the parlance of my fantasy science, I began to postulate a large circular tunnel, its entirety marked in glyphs and lay-lines designed to channel and focus arcane energies, with the intent to accelerate motes of mystically infused matter to discover what happens when such materials collide.  I would assume that this strange construct would be the precursor to the discovery of methods of teleportation used to create the various teleportation portals I have detailed many variations of over the years.  Not sure where I am going with this yet, but it's keeping my mind moving.

I might get ambitious and scan a few of those out of the archive, but don't bank on it.