Three More Decanters

Here are three more containers I found images of on various auction sites that look like they should either contain some special sauce, or have some mystical powers associated with them. Conjure waves, grant fiery breath, produce elixirs of water breathing and/or swim speed... 

Vase of Waves
Dragon Pitcher
Sea Horse Flagon


Decanter of the Cloud Dragon

Source culled from G+
This begs to either be made into a bong, or a magic item.

My thought:

When uncorked, it will rapidly vacuum away all mist, fog, clouds, and smoke, including noxious vapors and poisons while breathing out fresh air from the dragon's mouth, maintaining a five meter radius of fresh air around the decanter, save for the gentle vortex drawing down into the top.

While corked, the dragon's mouth will breath forth one of the following when prompted with the correct command word or phrase:

  • A quick burst of pressurized water effective at up to 10 meters: capable of blinding, disorienting, or knocking over an object or foe.
  • A brief, blasting cone of steam, 20 meters long with a 5 meter radius at it's extent, that causes temporary blindness, blistering of exposed skin, and damaging throats and lungs of those caught in the blast.
  • A sudden cloud of obscuring fog about 10 meter radius around the decanter, that can be expanded by 5 meters of radius every minute, up to a maximum 50 meter radius.
  • Creating a cloud bridge, capable of being walked upon. This bridge will only last for about 5-10 minutes
  • Creating a small cloud capable of being traveled on, akin to the divine clouds of chinese myth or a flying carpet for the chinese myth impaired.
This item probably has charges, and if it does, it might be rechargeable, perhaps simply by absorbing clouds or mists, or it may require more effort, filling it with water from a special pool or font, divine liquor, the blood of a cloud dragon, etc...


Xiombaca WiP

As detailed elsewhere, Xiombaca. This is a WiP, started in '92. Yes, some projects move very slowly.