World Building, Concepts and Dreams

Many of my other weakly pursued projects have been neglected of late, as I rattle the notions of a city (or series of cities) embedded deep within the earth, each built in a spherical void within the rock, buildings sprawling along the floor of the space, creeping up the steep sides, with shanties suspended by cables from the roof with precarious catwalks and rope bridges connecting them.

Several (3-4) diagonal braces angle upward to support a construct in the center of the void that contains a 'Sun Shard' that provides light and heat for the space, and even perhaps, some O2 recirculation... The diagonal braces would have matching vertical angles reaching to the roof, being used as part of the anchoring for the shanties.

Occasional breaks in the sphere would reveal crevasses and caverns adjoining the spherical space, that would become dark alleys for those drawn to such environments, or those who could not afford to live in the light of the sun shard, and/or refusing to live the precarious (and probably illegal) life of the shanty dwellers.