Time Marches On

I got a fun idea, watching some tidbit of a kid's show the other day.
Mesoamerican calendar discs, like this one, are fairly consistent with a central face, four surrounding character icons, then a wheel with icons for the years/months.  It has been a while since I studied this, and I don't want to dilute my creative process with too much fresh research, so that is good enough for now.

The notion here is for elemental or spiritual manifestations that appear similar to these discs. They would hover along ominously, the central face speaking and seeing for them. I picture this modified slightly, with the four surrounding faces being facets of a polyhedra of some sort so the central faces could rotate and exchange. I also picture the smaller icons for the years to be able to manifest off the disc, as minions or helpers. There a number of other icons on the disc that may either manifest seperately in this fashion, or maybe animate and function as attached limbs for whatever purposes they are suited. Some, such as the curly-V's are supposed to be symbols of sunlight, as I recall, and maybe some of the symbology could be preserved, and those are actually beam emitters and/or light sources.

Deviating my design from the historically accurate would actually be fair-game, going forward with the premise that the calendar discs were actually artistic interpretations of these beings. That sort of caveat buys a lot of latitude, when one considers some of the fantastic and absurd illustrations of African and Asian beasts that were produced in Europe during the dark ages.

Anyhow... just another idea to punt around.

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