Shapers are those with some elemental affinity that are able by will and want to manipulate elements, coercing them to bend, flow, mould, break, and shape according to their natural properties and the desires of the shaper.

Shaping is generally considered a trade-craft, as it is slow and methodical with little application outside of manufacture, repair, and maintenance. Mining, excavating, carving, sculpting, masonry, carpentry, glazing, smithing, and many other trades are all accomplished with less physical labor when shapers are employed.

The finest shapers are generally sculptors of whatever material they have affinity toward. Such shapers are often able to produce intricate carvings and sculpture, with little if any actual chiseling or hammering, instead applying relatively soft pressure to move the material or cause unwanted material to release and fall away. The finest artificers are usually shapers as well, capable of forming intricate mechanisms and delicate devices usually to be imbued with anima.

Shaper-masons and -carpenters are able to create perfectly jointed buildings with minimal if any use of mortars, nails, or similar construction aids.

Shapers who are accomplished at working with living plants can coax them into a variety of shapes and forms, even when mature, creating living buildings, fences, furniture, and more fanciful forms.

Often the least finessed, shaper-miners and -excavators often have far more potent shaping ability, and use it to break apart solid stone and loosen hard earth and clay for removal, and reinforcing walls and ceilings to prevent cave-ins.

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