And One More Thing...

... on Attributes.

In a recent G+ post on the topic of Charisma as a dump-stat and ways to beef up it's importance, I was pleasantly surprised to see somebody else had made an effort to treat the mental stats the same as the physical. Their term for Strength and Charisma's type was 'Force', and their term for Dexterity and Intelligence's type was 'Finesse'. I am not terribly excited about 'Force', but I am going to be borrowing Finesse. This line of thought made me examine the nomenclature once again, and I have come up with some other name changes for the Finesse attributes:

StrengthBrawn   Presence
Endurance  Constitution   Willpower

The use of Finesse as a type name liberates Agility, which is a more encompassing than dexterity, which has a distinct hand-eye connotation outside of RPGs. Intelligence is changed to Intellect to create a little separation from the old attribute name and the assumptions that entails, while still sharing the abbreviation INT with intuition, which captures the other aspect of the stat.
  • Brawn (PS): raw muscular development and capability.
  • Agility (PF): physical reaction speed and coordination.
  • Constitution (PE): overall bodily health, and resilience.
  • Presence (MS): strength of personality and charisma.
  • Intellect (MF): instincts, perception, and problem solving.
  • Willpower (ME): personal resolve, focus, and concentration.
I had hoped that these entries would be more akin to a final-state summary, but obviously, this has become more of a design journal, capturing the flow of thought.

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