Pool of Wonders

Herein I play with a 'bullet point room presentation' technique I had suggested in a recent G+ discussion:
  • A natural cavern of irregular shape, roughly 20' e-w, 30' n-s.
  • 2 Exits, S and NW
  • In the NE Corner: A pool about 10' across and several feet deep has formed in a depression.
  • Irregular, natural ceiling is up to 20' high with small colorful stalactites dripping into the pool.
  • The bottom of the pool is stained in brightly colored strata, the water appears to be clear and smells faintly metallic.
In total darkness, the colored stalactites the bottom of the pool glow softly, but inadequate as a light source. The pool is filled with a mix of water and other runoff from a lab or storage area someplace above, and drinking from the pool will cause a random effect.

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