Pentimo Playtesting

This first image is from a 'large hand' (5 tiles) playtest. With so many Pents in the hand, it was easy to make optimal plays at every turn. Only late in the game did it start to become challenging as the tile selection waned, but even so, it was a fairly flat experience, in my opinion.

 This next image is the conclusion of a 'very small hand' (1 tile) playtest. There was always a valid move, it's unlikely there would not be, but the emphasis focused more on extracting maximum point value from each hand, and trying to limit the opponents scoring options on their move. This was a more thoughtful game, and probably the shape of things to come. I think maybe two or three tiles is about as large a hand as is reasonable before it suffers the same flat challenge as the larger hand..

Another rule adaption made, the Ouroborus are still wild, but can only be played out of the hand, not built upon or stolen.

Things are coming along nicely, going to have at least one solid ruleset written up soon (in my time, that means within a year...)

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