Pulled the Trigger

Ordered the large sheet of Pentimoes on walnut laminated mdf, for about $150.  I really loved the way the burned cherry smelled, but after a few weeks, that lovely fragrance fades, and what I really want are dark tiles, so walnut is the best choice. Starts dark, stays dark, and uses less stain to get darker.

With this order, I got a $50 voucher on my next order's manufacturing costs, excluding mats and shipping, so I will order the small sheet to complete the set once I get this one and check it over.  The small sheet has some 'throwaway' tiles on it, so if there are any imperfections or issues with some tiles on the large sheet, I can use the small sheet to get replacements for those (pretty damn clever if I do say so myself).

Currently, the small sheet's manufacturing is about $40 worth, so this also gives me a little time to brainstorm a small project I can fit in the margins of the small sheet to use up the last $10 of the voucher.

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