Flame Lances

A glass ampule as long as a man’s arm and no bigger around than a finger is suspended by golden wires from a large hoop. Within the ampule is a clear solution of distilled ichors and refined compounds of rare elements, and therein, a deep red crystal slowly and nigh imperceptibly grows. When it has filled the ampule, the end will be broken off and the perfect crystal shaft will be retained..

Further down the low workbench, gnarled hands wield a wooden tool to press against a long narrow strip of delicately carved and inlaid metal, bending it down into a long channel on the bench and folding it over to form a cylinder of richly carved glyphs and circuitous lines, on both the inside and out. The delicate lines come into perfect alignment as the tube is formed round. The tube when completed is pulled from the channel and inspected for flaw, and finding none, the crafter channels his will and forces the thin breech in the tubes surface to bind itself closed, welding tight by sheer will.

Another tube, larger around and made of heavier metal carved and inlaid only on it’s interior, is formed next. The red crystal is secured inside the narrow tube which is in turn secured inside the larger tube, and that to wooden stock. A small panel of brass, inlaid and with a red stone matching the crystal shaft at the center of the assembly is placed near the closed end of the of this assembly.

And that is how the flame lances of mighty Amberuen are crafted.

Pressing upon the small red stone and focusing on the invocation of fire will produce a jet of magic flame at least the length of 4 men, expanding wide enough to catch a man full on and touch upon those ranked beside him to either side. The stone is charged with it’s own energies, but those will be supplemented by the potency of the wielder, and when the stone is drained, it may draw on the life-force of it’s user, making them weak and vulnerable. Charging the stone must be done with care, and carelessly swapping stones may cause risk to all around.

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