Mystic Hot Plate


A volcanic stone slab shaped and sized to accommodate one or more cooking pots. The simplest are squares or circles about one foot across and several inches thick, ranging up to about three feet across and six inches thick. Other shapes and sizes are possible but rare. The upper surface of the stone is engraved with meticulous channels forming labyrinthine patterns of symbols and line work, inlaid with metal. At some point along the perimeter of the glyphs and lines is a small circular depression designed to accommodate a power stone. 


The hot plate is activated by placing a charged power stone in the receptacle. The power flows out and traces through the pattern heating the stone slab to a temperature suitable for heating or cooking (like an electric hot plate or cup warmer). The temperature is determined on each slab according to the symbols and density of line work. The active cook time is determined by the potency of the power stone used.

These plates are uncommon, and typically made to be used in environments where fire is impractical or dangerous. They were undoubtedly first made eons ago by Dwarves to use for cooking in the deep warrens of their mines and caverns where both fuel and oxygen are rare enough to warrant such a device. These devices have become popular gets for well heeled crews of sailing vessels of sea or sky, adventurers, and anybody with resources and a taste for such luxuries.


These items are typically produced by stone shapers of considerable savantry who meticulously create the patterns and inlay it with the proper alloys while stitching subtle elemental anima into the metals to properly conduct the energies of the power stone.
The power stones used must be properly attuned to the plate or it will not activate at all, rarely shattering either or both the stone and plate.

The charging of power stones is another matter entirely.

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