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I used to be a forum moderator, and made signature panels for myself, and some of my colleagues and friends, for use on the old Stratics forums Almost all of these are just stolen graphics that have been collaged or sampled to fit the format, but I am none-the-less proud of the effort.

Signature panels I used:
The first three were stolen graphics with my text and some fancy edging.
This one was a single image with recomposited components for the desired effect. The text was carefully skewed to give it a carved look.The 'blood' pouring out of the skull and coating the knife were recolored green to give it a 'poison' look. Text applied and some fade on the edges... the trick here was to find a typeface that would compliment the curves and lines already present in the original artwork.This one was a challenge. The original image had an elaborate skull motif on the helm, and other dramatic embellishments on the armor.
Signature panels for friends:
I spent a great deal of time selecting and collaging the various images together, selecting a typeface, and tweaking the text for the desired effect. Also, the man on the right began as a color photo, and was tweaked into a 'woodcut' image.The next three were never used, despite the effort of compositing background elements and giving the text a rich depth.These two were cropped, bordered, and text applied. Slam Dunk.These were for the same person. Subtle differences in the filtering on the image, and text, but basically a two-fer for me.Another one never used... the background was heavily tweaked to get a desirable effect. This was for an obnoxious girl who tried to get a bunch of 'free' signaturesby having a contest. I submitted one done in MS paint that looked horrible... it won. Shame drove me to make a decent signature panel for her.Unused Starters:
These were formatted with the intent of applying text as willing victims were found. Most have had their dimensions stretched or image components repeated to fill the width of the panel. A couple were just cropped. Arranged in order of most-to-least work.

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